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Re: Keeping annotations when extracting parts from a score

From: Gilles Sadowski
Subject: Re: Keeping annotations when extracting parts from a score
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 16:12:48 +0200
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> I've got a song where several annotations like "Refrain" or "Verse" are set 
> in 
> the Vocals (because that's the voice at the top of the system). 
> Now I'm starting to extract parts, and of course the annotations are only 
> shown in the vocal part. 
> is there any other way to have the annotations in each other part than to 
> write it down for any voice but using tags to prevent them getting printed in 
> the score?
> It would be nice if I could define for e.g. bar 3 independently of the 
> instrument the part is for that  the annotation "Refrain" has to be set at 
> the 
> upper right of the bar.

You can save the annotations in a variable and create one staff with them and 
staff without; then you use the appropriate one in the \score block. [See 


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