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ragged-last-bottom in multiple scores

From: Graham Percival
Subject: ragged-last-bottom in multiple scores
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 14:54:23 -0700

I have a collection of scores that I'd like to print in one book.
Is there any way of getting the non-last-scores to use
ragged-last-bottom=##t ?

Currently the only way I can think of doing this is by using

but it seems silly to use LaTeX just to put two scores together
and have consecutive page numbers.  I guess that another option
would be to use ghostscript or some pdf program to combine the
independently-created pdfs and number them... but again, that
seems like overkill.

- Graham

\version "2.11.62"

\paper { ragged-last-bottom = ##t }
\layout { ragged-last-bottom = ##t }

  \score { { \repeat unfold 200 { c'1 } \bar "|." }
    \layout { ragged-last-bottom = ##t }

  % ideally reset everything

  \score { { \repeat unfold 200 { d'1 } \bar "|." }
    \layout { ragged-last-bottom = ##t }

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