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Re: rolled chords in mulivoice classical guitar score

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: rolled chords in mulivoice classical guitar score
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 22:14:50 -0500
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Ok I've given this a tiny tweak that I think will work the way you want. I just removed the two separate voices I had used before in the score block for the melody and bass, and replaced those with a single voice called "music" that will hold all voices, instantiated on-the-fly with <<{}\\{}>>. The arpeggio still works beautifully. I think with this score block you should be able to move freely between a single voice and two or more voices and simply add the \arpeggio command whenever you want one. Is this the behavior you were looking for?


\version "2.11.62"

music = \relative c'' {
  c,8 e g c e c g c     
  << { e4 f <g, b g'>2\arpeggio } \\ { d2 g,\arpeggio } >>

\score {
    \context Staff = "guitar" \with {
        \consists "Span_arpeggio_engraver"
        \set Staff.connectArpeggios = ##t
        \context Voice = "music" { \music }

    \layout { }

  \midi {
    \context {

Tom Cloyd wrote:

This looks interesting, and its structure is not hard to discern (for me), but it requires me to split my guitar scores into voices and write them separately from beginning to end. This is possible, but not exactly what one expects to do, except with true multi-voice scores (vocal, orchestral, etc.).

Jonathan Kulp

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