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Re: elegant compound time signatures

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: elegant compound time signatures
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 16:36:48 +0200

It is common to only write out what is necessary to avoid confusion, which then varies with context. For example, an Ispaychi (Испайчи) decomposes as 3+2+3+2+3, but in my score its is written as
  8 + 5
 16  16
probably to distinguish not from an Eleno Mome that may be written in
Or at least in the 1970s - the latter from seem to not be used, replaced by a
So the former could be written in
too, regardless of the Eleno Mome meter. The scores of the region that I have, aimed for performance, do not use "+", but just sums it up. The "+" appears in musicological texts and schools.

There are different ways to subbeam, too, depending if one wants the subaccents be indicated.

This rachenitsa snip is typeset as (2+2)+(2+1), which is not wrong, but (2+2)+3 would be more normal - I could not get Lilypond to make the 2+1 into a 3.

PNG image

This gankino horo snip is typeset as (2+2)+(2+1)+(2+2), again not wrong, but scores use the styles 4+3+4 or (2+2)+3+(2+2). (Hitting the same 2+1 problem.)

PNG image


On 19 Oct 2008, at 05:48, Graham Percival wrote:

I'm reasonably happy with my solution to compound times.  I'm
still wondering about the printing -- should I leave it as
3 + 3 + 2
8   8   8

or change it to something like
8 (3+3+2)

Anyway, that's a relatively minor issue.  The attached file prints
compound time signatures and sets up automatic beaming.

- Graham

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