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Re: Combine staves

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Combine staves
Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2008 15:32:17 -0500
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Well, it's easy enough to put two voices on the same staff and make their stems go in opposite directions. See the docs where they discuss single-staff polyphony (Learning Manual section 2.3.5 for version 2.11.62 or later), and depending on how you do the single-staff polyphony, you may need \voiceOne, \voiceTwo, and so forth.

If you leave the second staff empty in spots where the first staff has both voices (by empty I mean having skips or full-measure rests), then I *think* it is hidden by default.



Stefan Slapeta wrote:
Hi all,

is it possible to combine two staves temporarily in the score? The reason behind it is that two voices have identical notes in this section, and I would like to print them in one single staff (stem up and down). It would be nice if this also reflects to the instrument names...



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