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Re: overhead projection of lilypond scores

From: Gerry Prosser
Subject: Re: overhead projection of lilypond scores
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 17:01:26 BST

** Reply to note from "Trevor Daniels" <address@hidden> Mon, 13 Oct 2008 
18:22:00 +0100

Thanks to those who offered advice last week! I almost got to the point of
incorporating lily into Sunday's PPT, but it was not quite good enough
this time. 

Trevor's snippets were very useful: colouring any sort of text anywhere on
the page is a doddle, but colouring the background is (as he says) messy.

Provided I stay within the vertical confines of the five stave lines I can
add colour without anything else moving. But as soon as I extend the
colour to include notes, clef and text above and below the stave, lily
expands the inter-system 'white' space, giving a pyjama-stripe effect and
pushing the music onto extra pages.

The attached .ly file shows where I got to. Clearly, for a single screen
refrain, I can (and did) cut and paste the three stripes into a single jpg
using gimp. But for a full-length worship song that would be rather

If anyone can offer further advice for controlling the inter-system space
generation (or any other suggestions), I would be most grateful!

Gerry Prosser
tel: 023 8026 8942 / mobile: 07785 291052

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