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Re: Drum parts and horizontal beams

From: Carl D. Sorensen
Subject: Re: Drum parts and horizontal beams
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 08:58:05 -0600

On 10/20/08 11:26 AM, "canduc" <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi everybody.
> I'm trying to write a drum part, but I'm not able to obtain perfectly
> orizontal beams.
> For example when I write two eight notes, one of snare drum (corresponding
> to a c') and the other of bass drum (e), their connection beam is oblique. I
> would like to obtain the snare drum stem longer, in a way to connect it with
> the bass drum note with an horizontal beam.

You must set the beam-damping to +inf.0

 \override Beam #'damping = #+inf.0

I found this by doing the following:

1.  I went to the notation reference.
2.  I went to the LilyPond index.
3.  I looked up beam (which sent me to Automaic Beams).
4.  At this point, there was no snippet which showed how to make a beam
perfectly horizontal (I remembered seeing something about it in reading the
docs earlier), so I went to the link to the Internals Reference for Beam.
5.  I read through the doc-strings.  concaveness refers to "damping the
slope of the beam", and there is a parameter called "damping" that adjustst
the "Amount of beam slope damping", but neither of these meant anything to
me at that time.
5.  I looked at the beam-interface link at the bottom of the Beam page.
This gave me a list of all user-settable beam properties.  This time I
noticed damping, and decided that that might be the property I needed.
6.  I downloaded the Notation Reference as one big page, and searched for
damping.  The very first hit was a snippet for horizontal beams (in the
section on Tablature, which was why I remembered it, because I do more
guitar than drum music).

You could also go to the LilyPond Snippet Repository and search for beam:

You would then find the tablature snippet that showed how to make beams
perfectly horizontal.

I'm not mentioning all this because I think you didn't spend enough time
trying to find it; I'm mentioning this to help you know how I find
information so you don't have to wait on the list.


Carl Sorensen

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