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FW: Re. OOoLilyPond, \include "language" does not work.

From: Music Site of Larry Jackson
Subject: FW: Re. OOoLilyPond, \include "language" does not work.
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 17:56:29 -0400

Anyone know how to get the \include "language" statement to work for LilyPond v2.10.33 compiling within OOOLilyPond v0.32?

Attached is a PDF files w/ 2 screenshots.  These PDFs are error dialogs from using \include "" (my control test) and \include ""  (my intended modification).  Using the language default settings of Deutsh/Netherlands, without an \include statement, works correctly in the OOOLilyPond v032.   I used this \include syntax with the straight LiliyPond v2.10.33 without any problems.
Any theories, how/what/where I may modify to get the \include to work in the OOOLilyPond Macro Add-on to Open Office for LilyPond? 
My work environment is: Windows XP Pro SP3, 3GB RAM, ASUS M2N4SLI/AMD2 Mobo/CPU, Open Office v2.4, OOOLilyPond v032, & LiltyPond v2.10.33
Thanks for your help.
Larry J.

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