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Re: How to create a double glissando?

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Re: How to create a double glissando?
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 10:37:12 +0200

On 23 okt 2008, at 17:55, Kieren MacMillan wrote:

Hi Arjan,

all within the same voice

You can attach each gliss to hidden notes in two separate Voice contexts and then combine them into the Staff with the other two Voices (which contain the visible notes).
But otherwise you can't do it in Lilypond, I thinkā€¦

This is my solution. Note that the hidden notes share the same voice, voiceTwo, and that it is a different voice from the the `real' notes. This automatically merges the noteheads of the hidden notes with the ones they replace. Otherwise an ugly gap appears between the `real' note and the start of the glissando.

\version "2.11.62"
\score {
  \relative c'' {
    \time 3/2
    %% double glissando
    << { \voiceOne r8 e a e g d g d e c e c | } \\
{ \hideNotes \voiceTwo s4 a'4\glissando g8 s s4 s4 s4 \unHideNotes | } \\ { \hideNotes \voiceTwo s8 s4 e4\glissando d8 s4 s4 s4 \unHideNotes | } \\
       { \voiceFour a,1. }


So Kieran, thanks a lot for pointing me in the right direction!


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