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From: Martin Tarenskeen
Subject: midi2ly
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2008 12:43:26 +0200
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Hi Lilyponders,

Following my request to update and debug the midi2ly utility:

I'm also a user of Mup, a program similar to Lilypond but shareware, and 
slightly less advanced. ( Which reminds me: whatever happened to mup2ly 
? Can't find it anywhere anymore. )

In the mup-users mailing list was a discussion 
about mtm ("midi to mup"), a utility comparable with midi2ly. The 
discussion was about: how to determine when to use sharps or flats ?
There is more to it then just determining the key and scale. Especially 
minor scales and late 19th century romantic music can be problematic. 
Not to mention 20th/21st century music.

A snippet from the discussion from the mup mailing list:


>> I'm afraid you'd never be able to make algorithms for that kind of 
>> analysis. Maybe some kind of pattern recognition and knowledge 
>> collection would add something valuable. Bot don't you think that would 
>> be overkill?
> I came across this paper some time ago.. can't remember the context.
>               Computing Pitch Names in Tonal Music:
>        A Comparative Analysis of Pitch Spelling Algorithms
>                           David Meredith
>              St. Annes College, University of Oxford
>                  Submitted for degree of D.Phil.
> You can find David's work at

After having had a short look at David Meredith's paper I realize that I
need to revise my doubt on usable algorithms for calculating sharps and


Could be interesting stuff to read for Lilypond / midi2ly developers 


Martin Tarenskeen

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