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urgent: people for a fair-copy needed

From: Stefan Thomas
Subject: urgent: people for a fair-copy needed
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 18:29:50 +0200

Dear lilypond-users,
the e-mail I'm writing is not directly concerned with lilypond , but:
Mr. Becker-Foss in Hameln/Germany searches urgently people to make a fair copy of the first movement of "Les Beatitudes" by Cesar Franck.
He and his team have already done this work but the datas got lost. So, he is really in a very bad situation and searches for people that could help him.
The score  (it is a copy of the manuscript) has about 60(!) pages and it is for a large ensemble (23 different staves are needed).
Of course he can offer some (not a lot )money (he spoke about 5 € per page but maybee one could ask for a little more).
The problem is: he needs it until next Friday.
I promised to try to help him, but I can't do this work in this short time.
But if we would be about 10-15 people, it could be possible.
You can contact Mr. Becker Foss at any time at


Thank You

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