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RE: Unexpected character change on Vista

From: sdfgsdhdshd
Subject: RE: Unexpected character change on Vista
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2008 20:45:48 -0700 (PDT)

Nick Payne-3 wrote:
>> A simple solution: record the screen portion of where the message
>> appear
>> with your camcorder.
> Afraid I don't have one of those...
Not even a camera at several frames per sec?
Can't send mine in e-mail...

Nick Payne-3 wrote:
>> Do you confirm the vista font has several "N" characters?
> Yes, in the charstring dictionary for the font that is embedded in the PS
> file, there are:
> def /N 49
> def /N 1197
> def /N 1230
> When I generate the PS on XP, only the first "N" character is in the font.

Thanks for the confirmation.

The next step is: in utf-8, is the "N" always corresponding to the "49"
Or in some countries, do they really enter just "N" to get the
NO => lilypond bug
YES => A font page or category or whatever has to be supplied to lilypond in
the input file. Is it already possible?

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