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Re: guitar score - LH fingering, string number placement problems

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: guitar score - LH fingering, string number placement problems
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 11:13:45 -0500
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Tom Cloyd wrote:
Jon, Trevor,

Thanks so much! Now I understand. The documentation plainly wasn't
right, and I couldn't make sense  of it in relation to my results.

The docs weren't right? Can you point to the part that's wrong? If there's something wrong we want to fix it. I think the part about string numbers is right, though. I made a special @warning about putting string number indications inside chord constructs.

Jon, thanks for the tips on the voice labeling. I'd seen you do that,
and wondered why. Makes sense now.

This eve I'll dive back into it. Lots of work to do. I sure hope I start
seeing string indications soon. Gotta have them in this piece.

Run the file I attached to my last email and you'll see the string indications. Once they're inside <> chord constructs, they appear (!).



Tom Cloyd wrote:
Please see code below. My requested placement of LH fingering and string number to the LEFT of the relevant note is being respected on in chord constructs. Also, outside of chords, I'm not getting requested string number indications at all. In a polyphonic score like this, the result is utter chaos. It's unplayable nonsense.

I've poured over the code last night, and tonight, and I still don't see the problem.

I should mention that this score is my first for separating the voices so strongly. Until now, I've been doing small number of measures at a time, like this -

{ }\\
{ }\\
{ ]

and have obtained reliable results with LH fingering and string number indications.

Somehow I'm now in foreign territory, and I cannot yet see what's different that's causing the problem I'm having.

Anyone have any suggestions? (Am running on Kubuntu Linux 8.04.1)

Thanks very much for any help offered!


=== score follows ===

\version "2.11.62"
#(set-global-staff-size 20) % 20 this is said to be standard for most scores date = #(strftime "%Y.%m.%d" (localtime (current-time))) % define a variable to hold the formatted date
#(define RH rightHandFinger) %assigns value to RH

\header {
 % ***** centered  top *****
 %dedication="dedication" %centered above title, top of page one
 title = "Waltz for a dying day" %centered below dedication
 %subtitle = "subtitle" %centered below title
subsubtitle = \markup { "(2008.10.18) - version" \date } %centered below subtitle %piece = "(piece)" %{ useful only with multi-piece set given Opus number; set flus left below meter %} instrument = "Classical Guitar" %{ centered below the subsubtitle, and at the top of pages (other than the first page). %}

 % ***** flush right *****
composer = \markup \center-column {"Tom Cloyd" \small "address@hidden" } %flush right
   %arranger = "{arranger}" %flush right below composer
 %opus = "{opus}" %flush right below arranger

 % ***** centered, bottom of page *****
copyright = "© 2008 Tom Cloyd" %centered at the bottom of the first page tagline = \markup { \small "score set with Lilipond ("} % centered at the bottom of the last page

\paper {
 #(set-default-paper-size "letter" 'portrait)
 ragged-last-bottom = ##t % turns off vertical justify
 left-margin = 0.6\in
 line-width = 7\in   % works better than specifying R-margin
 bottom-margin = 0.7\in
 top-margin = 0.7\in

% variables =====================================

% LH fingering orientations
   sfol = \set fingeringOrientations = #'(left)
   sfor = \set fingeringOrientations = #'(right)
   sfod = \set fingeringOrientations = #'(down)
sfou = \set fingeringOrientations = #'(up) % RH fingering orientations
   ssfol = \set strokeFingerOrientations = #'(left)
   ssfor = \set strokeFingerOrientations = #'(right)
   ssfod = \set strokeFingerOrientations = #'(down)
   ssfou = \set strokeFingerOrientations = #'(up)
%  string number orientations
   ssnol =  \set stringNumberOrientations = #'(left)  %(down right up)
   ssnou =  \set stringNumberOrientations = #'(up)
   ssnod =  \set stringNumberOrientations = #'(down)
   ssnor =  \set stringNumberOrientations = #'(right)
melody = \relative c' {
 \clef "treble_8"
 \key a \minor
 \time 3/4
 \tempo "Adagio" 4 = 50 %
 \sfol %LH fingering placement
 \ssfor %RH fingering placement
\ssnol %string number placement \partial 4 s4 | c-2\3 b2-0 | f'4 e2 | a4\rest < fis-3\2 d-4\3 >2 | b2-1 < c-1 e,-2 >4 | % m4 e,2-0 < e gis,-1 >4 |
 \break   a,2-3 r4  |   r2. |

tenor = \relative c' {
 \sfol %LH fingering placement
 \ssfor %RH fingering placement
 \ssnol %string number placement
 \partial 4 e,4-4\5^~ |
 \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #1.2 e2 e4^~ |
 \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #1.6 < b' e,  >2 a4-2\3 |
 a2-3\4 < e' gis, >4 | c4\rest < a'-4\2 c,-3\3 >2 | % m4
< c,-2\3 e,-4\5 >4 < b-0 d,-0 >2 | r4 <b fis-4 >4 < gis-1 e-2 > | }

bass = \relative c {
 \voiceThree  \sfol %LH fingering placement
 \ssfor %RH fingering placement
\ssnol %string number placement \stemDown \partial 4 s4 | d2.-0 | c2.-3 | \once \override NoteColumn #'force-hshift = #1.2 e,2. | a2. | % m4
 e2.\rest | e2. |
\score {
 \context Staff = "guitar" \with {
 \consists "Span_arpeggio_engraver"
<< %\set Staff.instrumentName="Classical Guitar" %puts name to left of line one
   \set Staff.midiInstrument="acoustic guitar (nylon)"
   \set Staff.connectArpeggios = ##t
   \context Voice = "melody" \melody
   \context Voice = "tenor" \tenor
   \context Voice = "bass" \bass

 \layout {
   indent = 0.0\cm % remove indent on first staff

 \midi { %causes generation of midi score

Jonathan Kulp

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