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Escaping text in title and composer?

From: Myron Marston
Subject: Escaping text in title and composer?
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 19:33:45 -0700

I have a web application ( that uses lilypond to generate the notation for user's compositions.  The user enters a title and their name when they submit the piece to the library at the website, and these fields are put directly in the .ly file as the title and composer of the piece.  Unfortunately, I had a user type in a piece title using a double quote (") and lilypond failed with an error ("syntax error, unexpected STRING") because of the extra double quote.  In this case I think it was a typo (an apostrophe is certainly what the user meant), but I would like lilypond to succeed regardless of the junk the user types in to the title and name fields.  I'm thinking I have to escape the text in the title and composer in the header section of my .ly file.  I can easily change " to \" in the text, but perhaps there are other characters that will cause lilypond to fail.

What is the proper way to escape text in a .ly file?  I looked through the manual and this mailing list but couldn't find anything about it.


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