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Re: Transposing help.

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Transposing help.
Date: Sun, 26 Oct 2008 22:11:25 -0500
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Hi Seth,

I downloaded the archive and tried what I think you want to do. You want the whole thing transposed to F minor, right?

Ok, first I ran "convert-ly" on all of the files to update the syntax to version 2.11.62 of Lilypond. You may or may not really need to do this. If the files compiled successfully without converting to the latest syntax, then you can probably skip this step. On Linux you can convert the syntax in place by navigating to the right directory and doing "convert-ly -e *.ly". Check the documentation for how to do it on other platforms. If you're running the stable 2.10.33 version, then it will convert to the syntax for that version.

Before transposing, I ran the file to see if it would compile, and although there were a number of errors and warnings reported, it compiled successfully and showed a pdf score when finished. So then I put the transposition command "\transpose h f' { \...} in the score block for each movement inside the file, and it seems to have worked. It might need some adjustments for it to be usable musically--clef changes and such in the keyboard part because everything is a fifth higher--but it compiled and all the music is there in the key of F minor. If you wanted it to go down a fourth instead of up a fifth like I did it, then changed where I typed "h f'" to "h f". I've attached the transposed score file for you to see where I added all of the \transpose commands. You should be able to compile the piece by putting this file in the right directory and compiling using this file instead of the original When you want to print the transposed flute part, add the same \transpose commands to each movement's \score block in the file.

If you're using 2.10.33 and you get an error reported because your version is too old, try simply changing the version statement in the file to 2.10.33.

Good luck,


Seth Merkley wrote:
I've recently been trying to transpose a piece of music I got from mutopia
here: I don't know how to write lilypond files, but I did read a little bit on the
basics and I do understand the basics of other languages such as C. Also,
the files are in German, so that probably adds to my confusion.

Anyway, I was able to transpose the first movement of the flute part by
adding "\transpose h' f' { \fluteA }" (h = b in German, this took me awhlile
to figure out) to the bottom of the "" file and compiling the
"" file. I realize there's probably a more correct way to do
this, but again I don't understand entirely how lilypond files work...
Later I tried to transpose the first movement of the accompaniment, by
adding "\transpose h' f' { \clavecinA }"  to the end of the file
and compiling the file. Usually, the score.pdf contains both the
flute and accompaniment on a three-bar staff, but after transposing both
fluteA and clavecinA the score.pdf had the flute part of the whole first
movement, and then just the accompaniment of the whole first movement
separately. The other two movements that I didn't transpose were in a
three-bar staff like usual. Also, the midi file that was created is
unreadable by my player.

If someone could download the music and help me out here I would greatly
appreciate it.

Jonathan Kulp

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