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TabStaff stringTuning problem?

From: Jesús Guillermo Andrade
Subject: TabStaff stringTuning problem?
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2008 22:08:37 -0430

Dear fellows: I've been trying to set up a tab for the venezuelan "Cuatro". For this, I have set up the stringTuning property but, somehow, the fret numbers don't match at all except for the temperament notes: <a d fis b,>. If I try any other higher notes, the numbers get too high and obviously incorrect, using this form:

    \new TabStaff \relative c'' {
      \set TabStaff.stringTunings = #'(11 18 14 9)
      \set TabStaff.highStringOne = ##f
      % Set global properties of fret diagram
       \override TextScript #'fret-diagram-details
      #'finger-code = #'in-dot
      \override TextScript #'fret-diagram-details
      #'string-count = #'4

      {<a\4 d\3 fis\2 b,\1> ^\markup \fret-diagram #"w:4;d:0.35;4-o;3-o;2-o;1-o;"}
      {<a\4 d\3 fis\2 d\1>  ^\markup \fret-diagram #"w:4;d:0.35;1-3-3;"}
      {<a\4 c\3 e\2 g\1>    ^\markup \fret-diagram #"w:4;d:0.35;4-o;3-2-2;2-1-1;1-2-3;"}

Can you help me to clarify this? Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? The fret numbers for the third chord should be 0212 from bottom to top.

Thanks a lot!

Nunca repita un experimento que ha tenido éxito. Ley de Fett.
Jesús Guillermo Andrade (Abg.)
Gerente de Litigios y Corporativo. EDM. AC. API.
Andrade & Moreno S.C. (

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