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Re: What to do when \> and \< produce text

From: Brett Duncan
Subject: Re: What to do when \> and \< produce text
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 18:01:17 +1100
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Francisco Vila wrote:
2008/10/28 George_ <address@hidden>:
I did some tests and they came out perfectly fine, so it has to be something
wrong with my ly file, right? Except I can't find anything in there that I
did differently between the crescendo that came out right and the ones that
started coming out wrong. The file includes one crescendo done correctly,
and the rest output as 'cresc.' text.

I can't help you without having the whole file and trying to reproduce
the problem in my system.

George's file was linked to in his previous email:

The problem was that George had used the \cresc command in his file, but had \crescHairpin command _before_ the \cresc command. Moving \crescHairpin appears to have solved his problem.

I couldn't find \cresc in the Notation Reference, but it does appear in the Internals Reference, where it is listed simply as an alternative notation for \<. From George's file, it appears to not only generate a text crescendo but also switch the display of crescendos to text mode until explicitly changed back to hairpin - is this the intended behaviour?


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