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Re: Tuplet groupings / TupletBracket Padding

From: Risto Vääräniemi
Subject: Re: Tuplet groupings / TupletBracket Padding
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 12:43:21 +0200

Hi Erik,

2008/10/29 Erik Hagström <address@hidden>:

> I've tried putting "\revert TupletBracket #'padding" at various places but it
> doesn't seem to work. I feel like there's probably some solution to this 
> though
> - hope you can help out!

I think the \tweak command could do the trick. I modified your file a bit:

up = \drummode {
  r2 \tweak #'padding #3 \times 2/3 { \times 1/5 { boh16[
  bol bol boh boh] } \times 1/5 { boh16[ bd bd sn sn] } \times 1/6 { bd16[ sn sn
  sn sn sn] }}

The \tweak is explained in Learning Manual:


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