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Measure markup

From: Cordilow
Subject: Measure markup
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 23:05:08 -0700 (PDT)

I'm wondering if it's possible to do text markup relative to a measure bar
instead of to a note.

I'm wondering this because this is approximately* where the hymn-style piano
introduction brackets (i.e. kind of like these characters, ⌜ and ⌝, only
thinner and larger) are supposed to go, and it's quite difficult to get them
in the right place if my markup is relative to a note (plus if I change the
notes I have to redo the bracket positioning). These look very odd and
unlike how they're supposed to if I put them directly above the notes
(especially when the note stem goes above the clef at all, and at times when
there's a fermata above the note). It just doesn't look elegant at all, and
is better left out.

Also, the brackets are supposed to be at the same vertical height as each
other, and it would be very helpful if note padding were ignored
entirely—are these things possible?

If these features aren't supported, I'd love (really) to pay for the new
feature of hymn-style piano introduction brackets (opening and closing
tags), appearing how I desire them (at least, if it's not beyond my budget—I
have no idea how much is generally charged for such; if it is beyond my
budget, I can always save for it, but this isn't a 'particularly'
extravagant feature, in my opinion). More than one set should be allowed in
the same score, as this is often the case. They're not always on measures,
though, but they're not on the notes, even then, and they're not raised if
the following/preceding note's stem goes above the clef (since they don't

This should be fairly easy to implement (one reason I don't think it should
cost 'too' much). I'm not requesting it to affect the midis. I'm sure it
would be more worth my time and money to pay for it (if the LilyPond
developers want to accept the request) than it would be to spend eons
artistically configuring bracket positions on thousands of scores (which I
wouldn't, anyway, if there's not a less time consuming way that doesn't
involve using artistic, spatial judgment; I don't want to have to think
about where it is every time). I do want to use these in almost all of the
songs I notate.

Thanks for all the help you can offer!

* = (Exactly, if the bar line is visible on the opening intro bracket; just
a tad to the left of the last measure, for the closing bracket; just a tad
to the right of the time signature for opening brackets there; etc.)
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