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hide notes and slurs also hide gliss

From: 胡海鹏 Hu Haipeng
Subject: hide notes and slurs also hide gliss
Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2008 06:38:17 +0800 (CST)

  I showed the full score of my song to my mother last evening, and she was very happy. But she said that my implementation failed, because the hidden notes and slurs also hide glissandi. In Chinese music, some notes will be sung or played with an ascending or descending end, thus a "tail". I use these commands at the introduction:
% should \sequential be removed?
% I don't know why you use this command to hide notes,
% so I used it in case of problems, but...
hideSlur = \sequential {
  \override Slur #'stencil = ##f
unHideSlur = \sequential {
  \revert Slur #'stencil
  \relative c'' {
    \clef treble \key g \minor \time 4/4
   \hideSlur g8*1/2(\mf\glissando \hideNotes bes16) \unHideNotes g16*1/2(\glissando \hideNotes bes32) \unHideNotes g32 g d'8 d \unHideSlur \grace d16( c2)^\fermataMarkup |
    c4 d8.([ f16)] g,8 \hideSlur bes4.*5/6(\upmordent^\fermataMarkup\glissando g16) |
    \hideSlur d8*1/2(\glissando \hideNotes g16) \unHideNotes d d32 d bes'8 bes \unHideSlur \grace bes16( g2) |
    bes4\< g8([ bes)] d\! \grace d16( c4^\fermataMarkup d8) |
    \time 2/4 bes8\> d, bes'4 |
    \time 4/4 \grace bes16( g1)\!\p^\fermataMarkup \bar "||"

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