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Re: Canorus 0.7 released

From: Tim Slattery
Subject: Re: Canorus 0.7 released
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2009 16:14:33 -0400

Matevž Jekovec <address@hidden> wrote:

>Canorus development team is after more than a year of active development
>happy to announce the new release of Canorus - a free cross-platform
>music score editor, version 0.7.
>Release 0.6 was skipped for various stability issues.
>You can download it here:
>- Added support for printing and preview of score using LilyPond backend.
>- Added integrated Midi recorder.
>- Added resources storage inside the document.
>- Added User's guide.

Where? When I user Help|User's Guide in the Windows version, I get an
empty pane on the right side. I've found one page on the website,
which is a lot better than nothing, but if user's guide exists, I'd
sure like to see it.

Tim Slattery

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