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Re: invisible slurs in tablature

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: invisible slurs in tablature
Date: Wed, 01 Apr 2009 09:09:00 +0200
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Carl D. Sorensen schrieb:

If I understand correctly, you have a group of interested users who are
working on defining how Tablature should behave.

You also have a couple of tablature users who are interested in becoming
Frogs and thus joining the development team (Marc is one of them, IIRC).

When you have agreement as to what should be the default for tablature, then
it will be time to add the changes to the distribution (and Marc would be an
ideal person to do it).

Right now, as I understand it, there are some users who regularly have
TabStaffs without any other staff.  These users need stems, beams, flags,
ties, slurs, etc.

There is also a group of users who regularly use TabStaff with Staff.  These
users want only numbers, because the beams, stems, slurs, ties, etc. are all
in the regular music staff, and the TabStaff is only showing fret and string

Yes, that's right. In songbooks you normally find regular music staves with the additional information about fret and string numbers, so the stems and stuff would simply look too
On the other hand, when I write down the intro of a song played by guitar in tablature and the rest of the song is simply the lyrics with some chords above, I want to have the stems in the
tab to save space on the song sheet.
People who care strongly about tablature (of which I am *not* one) should be
the people who make the decision about what the default should be.  In fact,
I don't think there's anybody on the core development team who is strongly
interested in tablature.

That being said, I don't think that the decision to make notes only or full
music the default is a very important decision, as long as there is a single
command to change to the other style.

Would it be easier to define two separate staff commands? In my files, I define

noten = \relative c { c d e f }

and feed this into a Staff AND a TabStaff. So, why not create a compound Staff (called \MusicTabStaff, for example),
which does exactly the same as

<< \Staff { \noten } \TabStaff  { \numbersOnly \noten } >>

and uses only the numbers, whereas \TabStaff (as defined in lilypond) is used in the cases where no regular staves are needed and thus shows up everything (stems, slurs etc.)?

When the decision is made, and it's ready for submission to LilyPond, the
defaults will be established in ly/

The commands for changing from one to the other will be established in

Marc, once you've got consensus, you can make the changes and roll me a
patch, and I'll apply it.

Ok, but I think we are just at the beginning of the topic. The more I think about tablature features/defaults,
the more complicated it gets ;-)



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