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Re: Multiple scores with common layout setup

From: Helge Kruse
Subject: Re: Multiple scores with common layout setup
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2009 07:45:02 +0200
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Anthony W. Youngman wrote:
Any other suggestions are welcome.

If it's all the same code, just bung it in a \include!
Ok, I placed the lines in the layout block into a .ly file and include
it wherever I would repeat the lines. I also tried to define an expression

dynamicsContext = {
  %% all the things that are in the include

But this failed to compile.
error: syntax error, unexpected CONTEXT_DEF_IDENTIFIER
when I try to use \dynamicsContext.

If it's similar code, look at using tags.
I started reading, but need to understand. It looks like a conditional construct in a definition. Will play around it...


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