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Re: Music Glossary - 1.64 Concert Pitch (2.12.2)

From: Henning Plumeyer
Subject: Re: Music Glossary - 1.64 Concert Pitch (2.12.2)
Date: Sat, 04 Apr 2009 19:32:31 +0200
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Therefore, by definition, all blown > musical instruments will have a fundamental frequency of 2L.

not quite: clarinets sound an octave lower than you would expect when you regard their length. They behave like stopped organ pipes. I don't know exactly why -- it comes from their cylindrical bore. (Saxophones have a conical bore and allthough they have mouthpieces very similar to clarinets they are as long as other wind instruments.)

I think the _wavelength_ (not the frequency) of non-clarinet wind instruments is 2 times the length of the instrument.


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