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Re: Real-world usage of Lilypond

From: Wei-Wei Guo
Subject: Re: Real-world usage of Lilypond
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 10:27:00 +0800
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Hi Kieren,

Thanks. I think maybe I know how to do now. I've been looking into the link
several times, but never gotten any sense. My problem might be too unfamiliar
with Lilypond.

PS. Why doesn's Lilypond provide a easy-to-use mechanism for inputing music
elements, like E major key signature or quaver. It will make Lilypond not
only a powerful tool for engraving music script, but also a tool for textbook.


Kieren MacMillan 写道:
HI Wei-Wei,

Could you point me to any material explaining this?

It's all in the Text markup docs, in particular the Music section:

Hope this helps!

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