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Re: Real-world usage of Lilypond

From: wilco van den tol
Subject: Re: Real-world usage of Lilypond
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 16:17:31 +0200 (CEST)
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Hi there,

I indeed worked on a book containing a lot of church songs in several
different kinds of notation. Varying from a full score with choir and
organ, which wasn't an issue at all, to a setting with long notes on each
of which a long sentence had to be sung, which seemed impossible until I
discovered that it could be done by using an 'invisible' melody for the

I wonder, was it the Nederlands Bijbelgenootschap that needs the book?
I worked on one of their books before...... with lilypond.


On Thu, April 9, 2009 14:08, Morten Borchorst wrote:
> You might want to contact Wilco van den Tol.
> As far as I remember he worked out a project like this a few years ago.
> Greetings
> Morten
> Christ van Willegen skrev:
>> ...although we all are in 'the real world' (or at least think we are :-)
>> )
>> Recently, I was attending a speech by one of the leading people being
>> busy with compiling a new book of church songs for The Netherlands (or
>> at least the Calvinist/Lutheran part of it). When the speech was
>> finished I asked him if it was appropriate to point him to software
>> that does music engraving. He said that it was and took out paper and
>> a pen. When I dropped the name Lilypond he put away paper and pen. And
>> told me that they were already looking into using Lilypond...
>> So, here's a serious example of the usage of Lilypond in the real world.
>> I was wondering if perhaps 'we' were able to help him, by:
>> - Engraving songs for publishing, making them 'as good as possible';
>> - Extending Lilypond to (more easily?) accomodate engraving of church
>> music. Two examples that I can think of are: Setting rests at the end
>> of a system, and making music centered and not left aligned;
>> - Any other advice/techniques/additions/modifications we can think of.
>> Are there any people out there that would be willing to help make this
>> possible? Perhaps some Lilypond funding could be possible (it is,
>> after all, a commercial undertaking), and at least it can be shown
>> that Lilypond is ready for world usage.
>> Christ van Willegen
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