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Re: Slur/Tie Ambiguity

From: David Pounder
Subject: Re: Slur/Tie Ambiguity
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 21:06:35 +0100

Thanks for the reply.

I wouldn't expect the sharp to be displayed in any other case, but would expect 
to see it in this case. If you are correct, then music engraving has an 
ambiguity here.

It's not a great problem as it can be worked around, but I thought I'd 
highlight it in case it's a bug.

As a matter of fact, it's someone else's engraving that I'm trying to work out 
how to play so I tried LP to see how it would engrave the slur. 


David Pounder

> ------- Original Message -------
> From: Kieren MacMillan <address@hidden>
> To: David Pounder <address@hidden>
> Sent: 4.4.09, 20:55:42
> Subject: Re: Slur/Tie Ambiguity
> Hi David,
> > Good evening List,
> > The snippet below shows two c naturals tied across a barline,  
> > followed by a c natural slurred to a c sharp across a barline.
> > Lilypond makes both look identical. I think the first is right  
> > (born out by the NR) - but is the second?
> > I know I can force the sharp or add a cautionary with ! or ? but am  
> > puzzled by the behaviour.
> Would you expect it to be any different if you were slurring from a  
> different note, like an f?
> Music engraving practice says "new measure = apply key signature, but  
> *remove* accidental if there's a tie" -- there is no 'inverse' for  
> non-tie situations like yours.
> As you pointed out, you can (i.e., need to) force the cautionary  
> accidental if you want it displayed.
> Hope this helps!
> Kieren.
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