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Re: Real World Usage

From: Tim Reeves
Subject: Re: Real World Usage
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 11:14:35 -0700

Look, I don't "have a dog in this fight" (i.e. there's nothing I need Lilypond to do that it doesn't do, etc.) but I have to protest that

"Lilypond can do this, but nobody, including lilypond gurus, were able to
do this."

Since someone (i.e Kieren) just did it.

I was going to object to Kieren's statement that it wasn't particularly difficult (since I think it was), but I have to suppose that he intended that it wasn't particularly difficult *for him*. As to why it never been done before, I don't know. I suppose the sets of people who really wanted it and the people who were capable did not intersect and the right person didn't get asked.
Fortunately, we have this user-list.

I think Kieren's point is that no other music engraving software has the extensibility that Lilypond has (even if the learning curve is steep.)

I always know that if I did get to a point where I need Lilypond to do something that it doesn't appear to do, I can ask here and someone will likely be able to come up with a way to do it, even if they need to be motivated by, for example, telling them that lilypond is incapable. ;-)

Tim Reeves

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