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Re: guitar tab feature request

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: guitar tab feature request
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 10:35:01 +0200
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Marc Hohl wrote:
Carl D. Sorensen schrieb:

On 3/23/09 5:02 AM, "Marc Hohl" <address@hidden> wrote:
I assume that this will happen when tablature is updated. As far as I know, nobody is yet planning to do the work on tablature. They are only planning
to put in the requests.

I'd be happy to have a Frog (even a new Frog, like you, Marc, if you're
interested or willing) take responsibility for tablature. I'd give any
advice that I could, and you'd have access to help from the lilypond-devel
list for those things that are beyond me.
Hm, I think if everyone waits until someone else is doing the job, we'll
have to be patient :-)
Can you explain to me what a "Frog" is (and what he has to do)?
I don't know much about scheme and the lilypond internals (yet?),
but I am willing to spend some time in bringing this project further on,
because the lack of specific tablature features is the main reason for
me not using lilypond for every piece of music I write down.

Frogs are LilyPond programmers in training. The name comes from creatures
who live in the pond and hunt bugs.
You can read more about Frogs by searching the lilypond-devel mailing list
for Frog:


You can also see some Frog instructions by searching the archives of the
address@hidden mailing list:


Specific instructions for contributing to LilyPond are found in the new
Contributors' Guide of the documentation:



So I am not going to be painted green and got balloon-like cheeks? Great.

I will give it a try.


Hi guys,

Some progress on the tablature side of Lilypond? I'm looking forward to it ;)

Have an nice weekend.


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