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Re: \autochange for more than 1 voice?

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: \autochange for more than 1 voice?
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 14:17:01 +0200

Am 10.04.2009 um 12:44 schrieb MonAmiPierrot:

I tried without success writing piano music in which 2 different voices
(e.g. simply left and right hand) change staff automatically. I don't know
if \autochange is the right tool.
If there's no manner to achieve this, can I manually change staff in a
voice? In other words: how can I logically separate "left"/"right" hands
from "upper" and "lower" staff?
Hope it's clear, actually it is a very obvious need and perhaps you always
achieved it without even thinking.

I've never used the \autoChange, so I can't speak to that point, but manual staff switches with more than one voice are the same. Just remember to change the voice, i.e., \voiceOne in the lower staff would probably need to be \voiceTwo in the upper one, if there's another voice in that staff, and the other voice would need an explicit \voiceOne. And then the \oneVoice afterwards, and it should be fine.

James E. Bailey

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