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Re: Feat. request: autobehaviour of \unfoldRepeats

From: Kees van den Doel
Subject: Re: Feat. request: autobehaviour of \unfoldRepeats
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:35:55 -0700

> > I wonder why I (and, as I can imagine, 99% of users out there) 
> have always
> > to put \unfoldRepeats in a different \score block just for 
> correct MIDI
> > output, thus having to put in a variable all the \score 
> content and use it
> > in both \score blocks.

I would also prefer \unfoldRepeats to be the default. I frequently use the midi 
as practice material for the musicians.
It's also good to have the repeats in the midi for listening checks to make 
sure you have all the repeats correct,
or that they sound as you had imagined.


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