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Re: about beam, stacato dots, and chord

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: about beam, stacato dots, and chord
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:22:44 -0500
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huy nguyen wrote:
I'm a string player, so all the questions here about violins and violas.
ok first of all, the program places the beam for eight notes in weird places. sometime they don't even beam all of the sixteen notes together. so I see 4 beamed 16th notes, and then 4 separate ones.. although it don't matter, it would look much better if all of the 16th notes beam up. second, sometime the stacato dots are not below the notes, but they are above the beams, this looks ridiculous. and I have no idea how to make a chord with 3 low quarter notes, and the top note is a whole note. it doesn't show up.

Please copy a minimal example of the problem and we'll try to help. As regards the chord mixing quarters and a whole note, my guess is that you'll need to look at "single staff polyphony" in the manual to get what you want.

and I'm working on a string quartet, and I need to print the scores and parts. although I've learn about the part print instruction in the manual, I just dont' know how to remove the comment blocks listed there. I think that all of the codes listed in the manual should be usable by just copy and paste; not like that you have to change them. it makes things much easier if u can just copy and paste the code.
The comment blocks won't affect your score, but if you want to remove them, just select and delete them, making sure only to delete stuff that follows the %. Don't delete any curly braces or you'll run into compile problems.

I'm very new to this. this is the first time I've even use notepad for this coding-like purpose, I'm just a normal computer user, no coding experience.. sorry if I sounds stupid. thanks for those who will answer my questions Sincerely,

Jonathan Kulp

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