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Re: Slur / phrasingSlur half dashed, half solid

From: David Stocker
Subject: Re: Slur / phrasingSlur half dashed, half solid
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 2009 08:47:33 -0400
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Kieren MacMillan wrote:
Hi Jon (et al.),

The publisher of my guitar music [...] uses dashed slurs like these with invariant thickness

I note that Barenreiter also uses invariant-thickness dashed lines (e.g., Mozart Jupiter Symphony, m. 167).
So that appears to be "standard practice".
I think this is probably a case of engravers doing what is possible within the constraints of whatever system they're using. Sylvain (Lemay, of D'Oz) uses Finale, or at least he used to when he did (still does?) engraving for Doberman-Yppan (also out of Quebec), so it's not surprising that the dashed-slurs in his scores are non-dynamic with regard to shape. Is the Barenreiter engraving done by hand, or is it a computer engraving?

It probably would look nicer if they thickened in the middle and tapered at the ends. :)

It would, at least, be interesting to compare output.


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