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RE: Problem with barre music function

From: Nick Payne
Subject: RE: Problem with barre music function
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 08:19:52 +1000

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> From: Neil Puttock [mailto:address@hidden
> Sent: Friday, 3 April 2009 09:23
> To: Nick Payne
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> Subject: Re: Problem with barre music function
> 2009/4/2 Nick Payne <address@hidden>:
> > I have a music function I use for barring indications in guitar
> scores, and
> > for a reason that I haven't been able to work out, if the TextSpanner
> used
> > for the barring indication wraps from the staff where it begins to
> the
> > following staff, and also terminates at the first note of that staff,
> then
> > nothing gets drawn above that first note. If it wraps to the
> following staff
> > and terminates at any note other than the first, then it works
> correctly.
> I'm afraid this is deliberately hard-coded; see the bug report here:
> Though the report discusses glissandi, it actually applies to all
> spanners using ly:line-spanner::print.
I asked at the beginning of the month about this problem I had come across with 
the end of TextSpanners vanishing at the start of lines. However, from reading 
the bug report referenced above, it seems that rather than being considered a 
bug (which it would seem to qualify as in this case), it is intentional 

In the last half dozen or so guitar scores I've set with Lilypond, this bug has 
cropped up in half of them. It's not uncommon in commercially engraved guitar 
scores to find a barre indication that terminates on the first note of a line. 
See attached as an example.


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