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Custom guitar chords

From: Miklos Vajna
Subject: Custom guitar chords
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 18:51:37 +0200
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Here is a sample:

\version "2.12.1"

\score {
        \chords {
                e1:sus4 g e:m b:m
        \relative c'
                ^\markup \fret-diagram #"f:2;6-o;5-o;4-2-2;3-2-3;2-o;1-o;"
                e16( e8) e8 e16 d e8 r4 | e8 e e16 e8 e16 e8 e( b'4) |
                b8 a g16 g8 fis16 fis g e8 r8. e16 | fis8
                ^\markup \fret-diagram #"f:2;5-o;4-4-3;3-4-4;2-o;1-2-1;"
                fis16 e fis8 g16 fis( fis4) g16( fis e fis)

So I'm having normal chords like 'g' and 'e:m' but I have two custom
chords as well. I have a problem and a question as well.

First, currently the output has "Bm" for my chord, but actually I would
like to have it as 'Bm \super "omit3"/A'. (No, I don't really mind about
the midi output. :) )

Second, It's a bit ugly to define the custom chords inside the notes and
not in the \chords secion. Is it possible to do something like
"^\markup" in the \chords section?


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