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Re: Margins

From: Francisco Vila
Subject: Re: Margins
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:57:18 +0200

2009/4/15 Anthony W. Youngman <address@hidden>:
> Just like a page has a top and bottom margin, and your usable area is
> usually what's left (but may lose some to a header and/or footer space), so
> from left to right you normally have left and right margin with usable area
> being what's left, you sometimes lose some of that to the binding margin.
> I'll use American sizes for easy maths, but lets say you have a 1/2" binding
> margin, that leaves you with an 8" wide page. If you now have 1/2" left and
> right margins that leaves you with 7" of usable space. And you'd spec that
> as '1/2" left and right, and 1/2" binding margins'. That says everything
> that needs to be said.

This is only true if you could set a negative binding margin, and even
in this case you could encounter problems with the paper size.
Otherwise, how would you specify big outer margins for a book?

See JPG for an example of outer margins greater than inner margins
that would need both a negative binding and a virtual page size which
I don't know how to deal with. Maybe you can offer a solution for
this, which I still don't see.

In LaTeX you can specify an oneside or twoside option that lets you
easily handle both cases.

Francisco Vila. Badajoz (Spain)

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