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Re: invisible slurs in tablature

From: Marc Hohl
Subject: Re: invisible slurs in tablature
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 14:39:05 +0200
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Carl D. Sorensen schrieb:

On 4/18/09 9:22 AM, "Marc Hohl" <address@hidden> wrote:

Carl D. Sorensen schrieb:
People who care strongly about tablature (of which I am *not* one) should be
the people who make the decision about what the default should be.  In fact,
I don't think there's anybody on the core development team who is strongly
interested in tablature.

That being said, I don't think that the decision to make notes only or full
music the default is a very important decision, as long as there is a single
command to change to the other style.

When the decision is made, and it's ready for submission to LilyPond, the
defaults will be established in ly/

The commands for changing from one to the other will be established in

Marc, once you've got consensus, you can make the changes and roll me a
patch, and I'll apply it.
Ok, as Carl proposed, I put some modifications in ly/,
namely I created a \TabNumVoice , which is a copy of \TabVoice without
stems, dots, markups etc. The problem with the numbers in brackets
which are used at line breaks to indicate tied notes isn't solved yet, but
I have now at least a slight idea of how this could be done in scheme.

I think you misunderstood my suggestion.  I was suggesting:

1) Commands \tabNumbersOnly and \tabNumberedNoteHeads (or something similar
to that) would be defined in ly/

2) The default behavior of the TabVoice would be establihed in

I don't think we want to have different contexts for different ways of
displaying tablature. In general, we want to have contexts represent
different musical entities, not different ways of displaying elements in
those entities. So we don't have a separate ShapeNoteVoice, we just have a
Voice with properties set so that the NoteHeads are shape note style.  If
you use a separate context, you can't switch from one to the other (although
with TabStaff, it's not likely that you would want to do that).

I think you can make a command that sets the stencils of all of the stuff
you don't want to #'f, which would be a better way to handle it.  But I've
copied this email to lilypond-devel, in case they don't agree with me.

Ok, this makes sense to me. My idea was to create a new context to simplify the input and to allow a clear input structure, but things shouldn't get too complicated ...

So I will focus on the two commands you proposed, if no-one disagrees.
I also removed the Dynamic_engraver, but this doesn't work, the dynamic
signs are
still in the tablature. How can I remove the dynamics properly?

In my copy of, when I look at the Voice context, I see that
the /consists Dynamic_engraver is commented out, and there is a /consists
New_dynamic_engraver line just above it.  I think you should /remove
New_dynamic_engraver, and you'll get the output you want.
Thank you! I searched through the LSR and found some snippets with Dynamic_engraver,
I didn't know that there is a New_dynamic_engraver.


P.S.  A couple of housekeeping things:

1) It's much easier for me to follow multiple threads if they are
interleaved, instead of having new messages posted on the top.  Maybe I'm
showing my age, but traditionally top-posting is less desirable in
discussion groups (see
Sorry, I will keep that in mind.
2) LilyPond standards call for universal diffs (diff -u).   Please use that
style in the future; it makes it much easier to review patches before

Ok. I didn't use diff until now, so I wasn't aware of different options.


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