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Re: Lyrics verse numbers on every line

From: Tom Dickson
Subject: Re: Lyrics verse numbers on every line
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 20:39:36 -0700

On 2009 Apr 19, at 20:31, address@hidden wrote:

I need to put verse numbers in every line of the hymns. There are 3 to 6

      \set stanza = "1."   does it for the first line, first verse.
      \set shortVocalName = "*1."    does it for all the lines, first
verse but puts it outside the staff.

You can shift the short name to the right and write it bold:

\override InstrumentName #'X-offset = #4
\override InstrumentName #'font-series = #'bold


This mostly works for me, but I get nothing on the first line unless I also include a \set stanza.

verseOne = \lyricmode {
    \set stanza = #"1."
    \set shortVocalName = "1."
    \override InstrumentName #'X-offset = #2
    \override InstrumentName #'font-series = #'bold
    Here is a ver -- se a -- bout the cats.

Am I missing something? This is being called from lilypond-book in 2.12.2 if it makes a difference, and I'm putting the commands inside \lyricmode {}. But because of the need to use \set stanza, they look slightly different between the first row and subsequent ones.

An option to turn this on would be greatly appreciated!


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