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Re: one other thing - documentation

From: Simon Bailey
Subject: Re: one other thing - documentation
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 15:54:55 +0200


On 20 Apr 2009, at 14:34, address@hidden wrote:
You could make these conventions explicit - I had to learn about them by trial and error.

cis'4 is a valid command; cis4' is not.

there is a perverse logic to this, which makes it not a convention but syntax. the ' and , are actually part of the pitch, the numbers only designate the duration and can be omitted. you are right, it is not explicitly stated anywhere, if graham's ok with it, i'll add a patch to the LM 2.1.2 to clarify this point. but once you've wrapped your mind around the concept of ' and , being an integral part of the pitch it becomes automatic.

c (d e f        %comment

g a)

causes an error, but

c(d e f

g a)           %measure 64

does not.  (the comment has to be outside of the paren.)

no it doesn't (as graham has already pointed out). at least not here on a mac using lilypond 2.12.1. and in the past 7 years of using lilypond i've never run into this problem either on linux, mac or windows.

Simon Bailey
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