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Re: Lilypond Tool in jEdit

From: Kees Serier
Subject: Re: Lilypond Tool in jEdit
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 20:05:21 +0200
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Helge Kruse schreef:
> Hello,
> I installed jEdit and LilyPondTool (LPT) at Windows XP.
> Unfortunately LPT could not be installed with the Plugin Manager of
> jEdit 4.2. So I choosed to install jEdit 4.3pre16 (the development
> version) and LPT.
LPT works nice in jEdit 4.3pre16 on Windows XP.

> I also write in LaTeX and tried to use jEdit for this purpose. But jEdit
> hangs several times per hour when running LaTeX. I argue that it would
> be better to use the stable version 4.2 of jEdit. But there's no LPT
> available....
I haven't used LaTeX for some years, that was before I used jEdit.
You may consider starting LaTeX from the DOS prompt?



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