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Re: Vertical Spacing question

From: Mischa Falkenburg
Subject: Re: Vertical Spacing question
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 16:21:59 -0400
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Mark Polesky wrote:
Mischa Falkenburg wrote:

I've been searching through the documentation, and the index for same...but I don't see any reference to this. Explain, please?

Don't forget to use "reply to all" so that
your messages show up on the mailing list.

ragged-last-bottom is here:

The documentation for the other 3 were only
added to the source files recently:;a=commit;h=777290146739b3896eacd2b65d5d87b2826603e9

So they won't appear in the docs until 2.13.1
is released. Of the three, it looks like only
systems-per-page is available in 2.13.0.
So you can try this:

\paper {
  systems-per-page = #3

But you should also try this:

\paper {
  ragged-last-bottom = ##t

hope this helps
- Mark

Mark, thanks for your help (ie. Reply to ALL)

My question would be:
WHERE do I plug in the

\paper {
 ragged-last-bottom = ##t


Here is a copy of my score...

\version "2.10.33"

timeAndKey = { \time 4/4 \key g \major}

voiceA = \relative c'' { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 210 {g'4 fis d8 e b c d4 fis4 d4 b4 a8 b \times 2/3 {c d c}d8 g fis d c4 a2 g4}


voiceB = \relative c { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 420 { d'8 e fis4 g8 a c4 e4 c8 b a4 g8 fis }


voiceC = \relative c'' { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 280 { b4 a b e g a fis e~ e c c8 d r4 }


voiceD = \relative c'' { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 120 { r1 r1 g'4 fis d8 e b c e4 c8 b a4 g8 fis a8 b \times 2/3 {c d c} d8 g fis d e4 c8 b a4 g8 fis r1 }


voiceE = \relative c'' { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 168 { c2 b8 d c b a4 b g2~ g b8 d c b c4 fis \times 2/3 {e8 d e} d4~ d a2 r4 }


voiceF = \relative c'' { \timeAndKey

\repeat unfold 105 { g'2 (e) (c) r2 e2 (c) (a) r2 fis'2 (d) (b) r2 d2 (b) (g1) }


\score {

\new GrandStaff {<<

\new Staff \voiceA

\new Staff \voiceB

\new Staff \voiceC

\new Staff \voiceD

\new Staff \voiceE

\new Staff \voiceF



\layout { }

\midi { }


Your HELP will always be appreciated...


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