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table of contents page numbers are all question marks

From: Chip
Subject: table of contents page numbers are all question marks
Date: Sat, 25 Apr 2009 20:12:51 -0700
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In using the sample code from NR 3.2.4 Table Of Contents I get all my page numbers as question marks. Even the example shows all the page numbers are page 1. There is no info on how to get the page numbers to increment, or how to manually insert the page numbers. (I did search the archives and used google but found no answer.) My code is provided below.


\version "2.12.2"
\header { tagline = ##f }
\paper {
 tocTitleMarkup = \markup \huge \column {
   \fill-line { \null "Song List" \null }
   \hspace #1
 %% use larger font size
 tocItemMarkup = \markup \large \fill-line {
   \fromproperty #'toc:text \fromproperty #'toc:page

\book {
 \markuplines \table-of-contents
 \tocItem \markup { Algun Dia (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Carino Nuevo (Royal Jesters) }
 \tocItem \markup { De Que Te Quejas Mi Amor (David Lee Garza) }
 \tocItem \markup { El Reganado (Sunny & the Sunliners) }
 \tocItem \markup { Intro (Street Player) (Chicago) }
 \tocItem \markup { La Que Se Fue (Jimmy Edward) }
 \tocItem \markup { Malos Enganos (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Mi Cumbia, Mi Salsa (Ram Herrera) }
 \tocItem \markup { Mi Lupita (Bob Gallarza) }
 \tocItem \markup { Mi Qui Quito Mantecon (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Muchachita Color Canela (Ram Herrera) }
 \tocItem \markup { Por Esa Es Calle Vive (Roger Valazquez}
 \tocItem \markup { Que Bien Te Miras (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Que Vivan Los Tejanos (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Te Regalo El Corazon (Rudy Palacios) }
 \tocItem \markup { Todo Dicen (Jimmy Edward) }
 \tocItem \markup { Vuela La Paloma (Latin Express) }

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