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Re: Bar lines at beginning of a line

From: Robin Bannister
Subject: Re: Bar lines at beginning of a line
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 18:28:00 +0200

Boris Lau wrote:
I thought it would be quite natural if this would do the job:
\override Staff.BarLine #'break-visibility = #'#(#t #t #t)
but it doesn't.

Certainly a reasonable expectation. This is normally #'#(#t #t #f), but there are cases when Lilypond switches over to #'#(#t #t #t) automatically, as when a \repeat volta follows a \break. This ensures that the repeat's "|:" gets printed on the left.

But convention doesn't want regular barlines on the left, and
Lilypond provides them with a sort of aptosis; they are automatically zapped before they even reach the break-visibility filter.

A simple method would be to make the stencil ignore all that:
#(define (always-single-print grob) (set! (ly:grob-property grob 'glyph-name) "|")
    (ly:bar-line::print  grob))
and then \override Staff.BarLine #'stencil = #always-single-print But this ignores repeats, etc too, so maybe it's too simple. Another approach for barlines on the left is to banish the aptosis. This is what the attached tries to do. It is rather cumbersome and inflexible, but at least it leaves the other barline types unharmed.


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