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Re: adding to the LSR

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: adding to the LSR
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:50:23 -0500
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Jonathan Kulp wrote:

Another one that doesn't work in 2.12 is "polymetric-section--synchronizing..."

It has a bunch of \InnerStaffGroup commands that must be obsolete because they're causing errors. Changing these to \StaffGroup makes it compile, but then the staffgroup loses the bracket and it doesn't look right. If you'd like to fiddle with that code until it works properly in 2.12 that'd be great. (the authors of the snippet are given as John Mandereau, Reinhold Kainhofer, but these guys usually have bigger fish to fry than snippets in the LSR :) )

Actually this one does work with the \StaffGroup commands substituted for \InnerStaffGroup. What was confusing me was that there are actually two \score blocks in this snippet and, while only one is displayed on the LSR, both of them show up when I compile the snippet locally. The first score has no bracket, while the second one (the snippet that shows up in LSR) does have the proper bracket on the system. When I remove "Inner" in the 2.10 version, though, the bracket doesn't appear properly. So the 2.12 version will have \StaffGroup while the 2.10 version will stay as it is.


Jonathan Kulp

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