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Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords
Date: Mon, 01 Jun 2009 20:50:31 +0200
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Tim McNamara wrote:

On Jun 1, 2009, at 4:13 AM, Tim Rowe wrote:

2009/6/1 Carl D. Sorensen <address@hidden>:

You are welcome to pursue this, if you are interested in it. It is not my

I think it shows the impossibility of what you are trying to achieve,
at least in the completely general case, although pushing the
boundaries closer to that general case is valuable of course. Beyond
trivial cases, a combination of notes does not have /a/ name, it has
many names depending on the musical context.  For jazz chords, the
chord notes and the chord names really need to be separated (perhaps
an optional name following the notes) unless the software can
understand the musical context better than a lot of musicians. Or just
stick with chord mode.

Particularly when entering the notes and the root is not the chord name. For example, a chord I saw in a Pat Martino chart would have included:

<d des fes aes>

which was written as Dbmin/D. I have no idea how one would make LilyPond properly interpret slash chords or compound chords from note entries. Rendering chords written as chord names (des2:m5/d) would of course be simpler.

I agree with this.

Couldn't there be an 'automatic chord mode' and an 'mode which just display the chord names', not the notes?


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