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Re: Compiling files with lots of data

From: Mike Solomon
Subject: Re: Compiling files with lots of data
Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 09:19:15 -0400
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    The piece is not from MIDI input, but rather was generated
algorithmically in Python (thus the rigidity of the layout that you picked
up on).  All of the spaces are intentional.  In my newest attempted compile
of the work (I killed the old one in a fit of self doubt), I removed the
beam engraver and the stem engraver in addition to the bar engraver.  I also
changed all of the 32nd notes to quarter notes (as every note in the piece
was a 32nd note, they are all now quarter notes).  So, to summarize:
    Bar_engraver gone
    Stem_engraver gone
    Beam_engraver gone
    proportionalNotationDuration = #(ly:make-moment 1 4)
    Slightly more than 2*(3**7) quarter notes (without stems)
    Grob count: 24833

    On hour 15 of my new compile...  Keep the suggestions coming!


On 6/2/09 12:17 AM, "-Eluze" <address@hidden> wrote:

> is this from midi input?
> if so you should be sure to apply appropriate "--allow-tuplet=" options.
> also, "funny" durations like s32*231 could indicate some kind of grace notes
> in the original music
> see 
> i2ly
> i2ly 
> for more details
> furthermore, specific Voice options - eg. \voiceOne - should be added
> manually

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