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Re: Different colours in a single word

From: James E. Bailey
Subject: Re: Different colours in a single word
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 21:38:10 +0200

On 11.06.2009, at 21:25, Jayaratna wrote:

Dear all,
Now all works fine, but when I uncomment the line

     tagline = \markup \concat { "A******* M***** "    \with-color #red "M"
"vsicvs P******* C*******"  } 

I get the following error: error: stringa di escape sconosciuta: `\concat'
     tagline = \markup 
                                \concat { "A******* M***** "    \with-color
#red "M" "vsicvs P******* C*******"  } 

it's in italian (version 2.10.33) I hope my translation is good. It looks
like it does not understand the command \concat it says error: unknown
escape string: '\concat'

Thank you very much,

That looks like the \markup before the \concat is missing, i.e., commented out. And lilypond doesn't know what to do with a \concat without a \markup preceding it.

James E. Bailey

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