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Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords

From: Grammostola Rosea
Subject: Re: Lilypond and Jazz chords
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 17:16:05 +0200
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Tim McNamara wrote:

On Jun 15, 2009, at 2:00 PM, Kieren MacMillan wrote:

Wol et al:

Let's take the notes C, Eb, F, Ab. Which chord is that? What's the root? You can easily go from the name to the notes, but not the other way round.

We *could* parse it from the first note, i.e. in relative mode

    <F C Eb Ab>


    <Ab C, Eb F>

would display as the same chord (close harmony), but generate two different chord names (e.g., Fmin7 and Ab6, respectively) based on the first-chord-pitch-is-"root" system.

Not sure if it's enforceable, but it's one way of getting the cake and eating it too. =)

Unless you want Ab6/Eb from < Eb Ab C F >. The problem here, of course, is that human interpretation is much more flexible and is able to take intent into account, whereas machine algorithms are challenged by this sort of thing and typically fall short. Also, if the voicing leaves out the 5th (common in jazz) then what does that do to the ability to parse the chord into chord names?

How many users are wanting to write out chord entries by note ( <c e g b>2 <b d fis a>2 <d fis a c>2 etc. ) into .ly files and have LilyPond parse them into chord names above the staff? I don't do that- I am just writing out Real Book-stye lead sheets and use the chord naming method ( c2:maj7 b2:m7 d2:7 )- so I have no idea how usual this is.
Yes, that looks like a very sophisticated function, difficult to program it right (?) and I don't know if people use it.. (the chords are already played by midi right?)
How does apps like Sibelius this? Do they have such a function?
Would it be reasonable to separate the functions of putting notes on the staff and chord names above the staff, and let the user spell out the chord names separately from the notes on the staff? Doing so might really simplify this discussion and result in better control of the final output.
To me (but I'm not a real experienced jazz musician or lilypond user) I agree with this comment.
Keep things simple!?


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