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Re: chord durations

From: Andrew Tucker
Subject: Re: chord durations
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 01:28:46 -0400

On Aug 31, 2009, at 10:19 PM, Christian Henning wrote:

   \chordmode {
     g1 | g4..:sus4 g2 | \break bes1 | b4..:sus4 bes2

Both your second and fourth bars are short one 16th note - maybe you meant

\set chordChanges = ##t %only show chord changes (ie. not repeated chords)
   g1 | g4..:sus4 g16 ~ g2 | \break bes1 | b4..:sus4 bes16 ~ bes2

Double-dotted notes are rare, especially in pop music - more typically you might write this rhythm out (provided this is the rhythm you want) as

g1 | g4:sus4 ~ g8.:sus4 g16 ~ g2 | \break bes1 | b4:sus4 ~ b8.:sus4 bes16 ~ bes2


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