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Re: chord durations

From: Christian Henning
Subject: Re: chord durations
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2009 11:21:57 -0400

Hi there, I'm at work and don't really have much time.I just wanna
state that I presented my problem with a reduced sheet. The problem
was regarding the chord durations and not with the melody. I'm a
software engineer and this is how I post questions to reduce the
chance of confusion.

I have posted my complete sheet in a different thread on this mailing
list. My subject was "Lilypond - chord progression".

Also, yes, this is my first project with lilypond. I think my goal is
to create sheets similar to what you have in books like this one:

You can look inside here to see what I'm talking about. QQ, do you
think lilypond can produce that?


On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Tim McNamara<address@hidden> wrote:
> On Sep 2, 2009, at 7:56 PM, Patrick Horgan wrote:
>> Tim McNamara wrote:
>>> I am a guitarist.
>>> If all he wants is a chord chart, some paper and a pencil would be a
>>> better approach.  Or even a word processor two write out the chords like
>>> Ralph Patt did with the Vanilla Book.
>>> Christian's trying to do something LilyPond is not designed to do when
>>> what he really needs is a lead sheet, if he wants to use LilyPond without a
>>> lot of kerfuffling around.  I've sent him information about this
>>> back-channel.
>> I agree it would be silly to use lilypond just to generate something like:
>> || C7/ / / | C / / / | C / / / | C / / / |
>> | F / / / | F / / / | C / / / | C / / / |
>> | G7 / / / | F / / / C / / / | C / / / ||
>> But what if it was only one of the outputs from the music, which also
>> generated tab and sheet music, and midi?  While you're already using the
>> data to generate the other useful forms, what you be wrong with using it to
>> generate charts, which are a very commonly used thing in the jazz world?
> If there is a way to create a standard score for a jazz/rock/pop tune and
> from that to generate different outputs (lead sheet, tab, chord chart with
> lyrics, etc.), that's fine.  I don't know any way to do the last one.  I
> don't use tab- sheet music is easier to read by far- so I've never done
> anything with that in LilyPond, although I know the facility is there.
> I play jazz/blues/some rock on guitar and use LilyPond to create lead sheets
> (a.k.a. "charts").  I've never turned up to a jazz session or a gig and been
> presented with just a chord chart.  I am always given a lead sheet with the
> melody on the staff and the chords above (or sometimes written over the bass
> staff instead which is hard to read, usually in vocal books) and often with
> lyrics below the staff.  The only place I have seen jazz chord charts as
> such is on Ralph Patt's Web site.  Those are intended for reference to
> correct the Real Books (which frequently have erroneous changes) and not to
> be played from.
> My point was that LilyPond expects there to be notes on a staff in the
> input.  If you don't put them in, then you're going to have trouble getting
> LilyPond to do much of anything.  It is a *music engraving* application and
> by definition that is staves with notes (at least in Western music).  From
> Christian's questions and comments, it seemed to me that he did not
> understand the intended use of LilyPond and is trying to get it to do
> something that (1) it is not designed to do and (2) could be much more
> easily done with pencil and paper or a word processor.  I certainly could be
> misunderstanding his intent.
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